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"Tiny Avocado" 

Oil on recycled wooden Block 

2.5" X 2.5" 


Grace Rhyne 


This tiny painting is the cutest of all tiny things. Miniature aficionados unite! What started as a collection of studies repurposing my collection of pine blocks I inherited from my grandparents (and remember fondly building cities with) has evolved into an adorable collection I am referring to as the Tiny(ies) because they are indeed tiny, perfect, and one of a kind. The blocks are solid and about an inch deep so each piece has a custom border that will be rewarding to view from every angle. 

This peice is ready to ship, ready to be displayed in your home, and ready to insprire your own miniature paintings! 

Tiny Avocado

  • At this time I am not accepting returns. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the original painting, please contact me directly to discuss.

    Because all of these paintings are handmade and often custom painted, minor or subtle changes may be noticeable. Every piece is unique. The quality and attention to detail will remain at the highest standards.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! It’s a one woman show over here. All messages go directly to the artist.
    Grace Rhyne is an artist and illustrator with the ultimate goal to create work that is accessible to all.

  • All items are ready to ship and sent within 3-5 business days, unless otherwise noted as a custom item that requires dry time. These are oil paintings, and good things take time.

    Shipping price is included within the total, no additional shipping price added later. 

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