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Yassified Studio cover Art

At my core, I am a maker. I have worked through a great variety of mediums. The top contenders are dance, oil paint, and found objects. I like to explore ways to give old things new life, repurposing and revisiting objects, painting on unconventional substrates and loving forgotten items. I think this collage and DIY thread flows through most of my work. It also takes up my entire closet, under the desk, a portion of a shed, and some very organized storage tubs. You need an extra canvas, I got you. You need a desiccated June bug from last monsoon season, I also got you. Since each project presents its own unique problem-solving opportunity, I must keep some stuff up my metaphoric sleeve. This is normal right??

Studio Sketches by Grace Rhyne, sketches of studio in Monterey Court Studio Galleries, Tucson Arizona
Yassified Altar acrylic painting in surreal hyper saturated color
"Yassified altar"
Acrylics & Posca Marker

Reeling it in, tools that are absolutely essential to my work are pencils, tracing paper, erasers, a good pen, gesso (preferably transparent), oil paints, gamsol, paintbrushes, rags, my sketchbook, my dog, a dense reference library of personal photographs that exist on my phone, a friend to bounce ideas off of, a laptop I abuse as a light board, an ipad with procreate for color studies, a big stack of artist books and random hard copies of inspiration I have toted throughout the many spaces I have inhabited, some serious light (ideally natural), and a great playlist. Writing that all down, it sounds like a lot. Oh! And a good cup of coffee. Essential!

My process is very analog. My sketchbook is my favorite companion. I use it as a catch-all for inspiration and ephemera I encounter in day-to-day life. I use it as a place to explore and mess up. It’s not always pretty, but I give myself the space to explore there. Looking back in this visual journal I feel inspired.

Yassified Studio acrylic painting by Grace Rhyne of art studio in Monterey Court Studio Galleries in Tucson, Arizona
"Yassified Studio"
Acrylics & Posca Marker

I am delighted, grateful, aghast, and in awe that I have recently rented my own studio! I am not only making art in my living room these days! What! It is located at Monterey Court Studio Galleries, a local music venue with live bands 6 nights a week. It has been such a wonderful space to spend time in. I’ll admit, it has mostly been for catching up on homework rather than deep hours creating passion projects.  I’ve only been there for a few months so I am trying to be patient with myself. 

I rotate through objects that keep me company. Usually I collect too many plants, crystals, trinkets, chatchkis, sculptures, ephemera. I get overwhelmed by the inspo monopolizing my working space and end up packing it all away. It is a constant search for the balance of enough space to work, and enough things that ignite joy. More importantly, I am greatly motivated by my close relationships and the conversations that spark. A facetime with bestie will result in a laughing attack and an idea to draw a silly joke. Spending time on one project inspires the next when someone says “this reminds me of…” I try my best to create work that is relatable. I want everyone to feel seen. I want my work to be approachable. I rely on my own references as much as possible, hiding from social media as much as I can. It is an imperfect system. I am extremely influenced by imagery and color and get enthusiastic (and sidetracked) easily. I guess you can say my motto is “what’s next??”


"Yassified Altar" UAUA Exhibition

Lionel Rombach Gallery

 Tucson Arizona 


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