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Color Me Tarot Deck cover art
Grace Rhyne, Artist

Welcome to the COLOR ME TAROT DECK, an original concept and in progress project! Informed by Neo American traditional tattoo style and general coloring book energy, this concept draws upon the ritual of pulling tarot cards to help find balance and understanding of through contemplative introspection. This deck acts as a conduit and intimate connection between the deck and the reader.

This deck is 100% personalize-able and consists of original artwork presented on heavy weight watercolor paper meant to be decorated in one's own particular color scheme or aesthetic. By coloring the cards, a personal connection comes to fruition. Not to mention the ability to understand the upright or reversed meaning of the card as it relates to the viewer/owner of the deck and their own color theory and association. 

Sketchbook studies on tarot decks and tarot iconography

To further enhance the unique individuality of this process, it was incredibly important to me as the artist to create a completely new wheelhouse of iconography to work with. While I have a huge respect for the Rider-Waite deck known as the standard for tarot decks that was originally drawn in 1909 by Pamela Colman Smith, I wanted to challenge myself to come up with refreshed iconography resembling the deep meaning behind each major arcana card through a contemporary lens.

Sketchbook studies on tarot decks and tarot iconography

While this deck is far from complete, please enjoy the following as a case study for the 6 Major Arcana cards I have created. 

Sketchbook studies on tarot decks and tarot iconography
Process photos of original painting for tarot deck

This project began as all my projects do, in the sketchbook. I did ample research on each card and its symbolic meaning. Then I translated that meaning into thumbnails, using the buzz words that resonated with me to create ideas for a new composition and concept for each card.

After roughly 70 thumbnails for 6 cards, I was ready to transfer sketches and render. Each card was hand drawn onto 7.5" X 10" sheets of Rives BFK paper, coated in clear gesso and outlined with Posca markers. As a mixed media production, the cards are hand painted with heavy body acrylic paints and Posca markers. After this stage, the originals were scanned and sized down to 4.5" X 6" postcards on high quality watercolor paper. Now living as a set of 6, these  oversized tarot cards are meant to be loved, colored, enjoyed and customized.


I hope to finish the deck one day soon! If you are interested in a set of the Major Arcana COLOR ME Tarot Deck, contact me.

COLOR ME Tarot Deck by Grace Rhyne black and white original art for coloring book style tarot deck
Acrylics & Posca Marker
Gracie Rhyne
COLOR ME Tarot Deck by Grace Rhyne black and white original art for coloring book style tarot deck

Once the set was printed, I was honored to present this work in the University of Arizona BFA Exhibition in the Joseph Gross Gallery. This exhibition was on display 3.16.23-4.5.2023. I printed hundreds of cards and made custom (and colorful!) gallery ready shelves to hold the cards. Viewers were encouraged to take a card home to color. 

Color Me Tarot Deck on display at University of Arizona Exhibition
University of Arizona BFA 2023 Exhibition Lionel Romback Gallery and Joseph Gross Gallery

"COLOR ME Tarot Deck" presented as an interactive printed postcard series

BFA Exhibition

Joseph Gross Gallery

Tucson, Arizona


Grace with her work on display
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